Alleged Genovese family mobster accused of “buying” Stratford Democratic politician

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Money talks. Unless it is exposed as being tainted by crime. Then everyone washes their hands and starts pointing fingers. Like in Stratford, Connecticut, where alleged Genovese Mafia family mobster Gus Curcio was accused of being too close with former Democratic mayoral candidate Stephanie Philips. So close, in fact, that he allegedly had her in his pocket.

“The complaint was made public last week,” the CT Post reported. “In it, [Party chairman Steve Taccogna] accused Philips of financing her 2017 mayoral campaign with straw donations from a reputed former mobster. He also accused her of using federal Paycheck Protection Program loans made to her business for her run this year.”

Philips was even accused of having been “bought by Curcio, a reputed former member of the Genovese crime family now living in Stratford”.

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