Alleged Gangster Disciples charged with murder and racketeering after one killing leads to couple more

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Five alleged members of the Gangster Disciples in Georgia were charged last week with murder and racketeering related to the gangland killings of three people, as well as drug trafficking and obstruction of justice.

The Gangster Disciples are a national gang with roots in Chicago, Illinois, dating back to the 1970s, and are now active in at least 25 states, including Georgia. Among the crimes alleged in this indictment are three gang-related murders triggered by the murder of a Gangster Disciple member.


After that murder, other Gangster Disciples allegedly tried to identify and retaliate against those responsible for the victim’s death. 33-year-old Philmon “Dolla Phil” Deshawn Chambers, of Atlanta, was allegedly a leading figure within the gang, in charge of the group’s enforcement or “Elimination” team, also known as the E-Team.

Despite being the man in charge, Chambers preferred getting his own hands dirty. Or maybe he just didn’t trust his associates to handle business. Because for whatever reason, Chambers allegedly followed Rodriguez Apollo Rucker to his Athens residence where he shot and killed him. Rucker was a relative of a suspect of the first murder.

Cleaning house

After learning that police suspected Chambers of Rucker’s murder, Chambers and 27-year-old Andrea “Light Brite” Paige Browner, an alleged member of the “Sisters of the Struggle” or “SOS,” a parallel female component of the Gangster Disciple organization, fled from Georgia to Texas.

In order to cover up his crime, Chambers allegedly ordered that fellow gang members Derrick Ruff and Joshua Jackson, whom he suspected of cooperating with law enforcement, be killed.

Alleged E-Team member Lesley “Grip” Chappell Green and alleged fellow Gangster Disciples members Shabazz Larry “Lil L” Guidry and Robert “Different” Maurice Carlisle allegedly shot and killed Ruff and Jackson and left their bodies in a storage unit in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where they were discovered four months later.

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