Albanian-run cocaine pipeline from Latin America to Europe shut down – 45 arrests in 6 countries

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

A large-scale international Albanian drug organization was shut down today by Europol and law enforcement. Over 600 police agents searched over 80 places and arrested 45 individuals in Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.  

They are charged with importing cocaine from Latin America to various European ports, organizing the transport via planes, vessels, cars and lorries and running the wholesale trade. This high-level criminal network had set up a string of enterprises in various countries, including Croatia and Spain, to launder the profits, often using strawmen.

Its members travelled regularly to Dubai, Mexico and Colombia to arrange their illegal business and used encrypted communication tools to coordinate activities.

Cocaine seizures

Law enforcement began investigating the organization in Spain in 2018, with the arrest of a high-ranking member of the group. He is currently in pre-trial detention. In Belgium, investigations started following the seizure in September 2020 of drugs and large quantities  of chemicals, used to transform and preserve cocaine for trading purposes.

Authorities link large quantities of cocaine seized during various searches all over Europe over the last years to the suspects.

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