Albanian drug trafficking network busted in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands

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Authorities in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands dismantled a network of drug traffickers composed mainly of Albanian nationals. Last week, during a joint action, 35 suspects were arrested and 51 places were searched in the countries involved.

The group is allegedly responsible for the large-scale trafficking of cocaine and cannabis from South America to Europe and its further distribution across the European Union. They are also known for the use of violence, including episodes of torture and kidnapping for the purpose of extortion.

Making a cool €1 billion

Members were able to draw on significant financial resources allegedly obtained from previous drug trafficking activities. They had several logistic bases where the narcotic substances and the proceeds of the crime were stored and where the associates could meet. They also possessed an extensive fleet of vehicles equipped with sophisticated hidden compartments, cell phones equipped with encrypted texting applications and other utilities.

According to the investigation, the criminal network carried out at least 36 imports totaling 1 ton of cocaine and 1 ton of hashish between March 2020 and June 2021. These substances would have generated more than €1 billion on the distribution market. More than €1 million in cash was also seized during the course of the investigation.

The proceeds were shared among the members of the network according to their respective roles. In Germany, some suspects owned a luxurious restaurant, a bar and a real estate agency that were allegedly used to launder money from the drug trafficking activities.

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